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What is community of SEVEN?

community of SEVEN is an intersectional, purpose-driven executive leadership development program. Our members are executives, founders, thought-leaders, and changemakers. Their decision to align purpose and growth will shape the future of their organizations, their industries, and society for generations to come. Through the community of SEVEN programs, members thrive as individuals and grow as leaders resulting in an engaged, motivated, and productive workforce. 

Why community of SEVEN? 

community of SEVEN was designed for people who want to create the best version of themselves, their companies, and the world but understand that they can’t do it alone. Traditionally, executive coaching has been reserved for the elite few in senior management, which hasn’t always reflected our communities' diversity. community of SEVEN is committed to bringing our powerful peer-to-peer coaching to a broader swath of deserving leaders through a digital-first approach and inclusive pricing for personal and company-sponsored membership. 

What does the community of SEVEN programs include?

We have two levels of membership: CORE and SUPPORTER Membership. When you join community of SEVEN, you’ll be connected to a thoughtfully curated group of leaders with professional and personal experiences that complement yours. Together, you’ll embark on a journey toward deeper development as leaders in the workforce, home, and community. 


Your membership centers on your Core Community, which is curated based on professional and life experience, emphasizing confidentiality. Over the course of our year-long development program, your group will work together to sharpen executive leadership skills and develop fully as leaders in the home, workforce, and community. With ongoing guidance from a dedicated community of SEVEN coaches, you’ll make deep connections and learn how to face professional challenges head-on. At the end of your journey, you’ll create an actionable roadmap with tools, resources, and connections to guide your continued personal and professional growth. 


Our mobile-first digital community puts the entire community of SEVEN membership at your fingertips. Our Supporter Membership is a way to support community of SEVEN initiatives for only $99 a year. Supporter Members have access to Micro-learnings, Let's Talk, On-Demand Videos, Coaching Circles, and Member Newsletters. 


A community of SEVEN, we believe in the power of community. We believe in purpose. Alone, we can only do so much. Together, we can move mountains. Community of SEVEN was created to bring executives, changemakers, and thought leaders together to solve big business and societal problems. Transformation happens at the intersection of power and purpose. No longer can we sit on the sidelines. We must become the change we want to see in the world. 

Purpose-led communities bring members together to tackle business and societal issues. Members are encouraged to create projects that they own outside of community of SEVEN, whether it be in their community or their organization. community of SEVEN will provide the resource, connections, and know-how to help members successfully launch their own initiative. Our members have created companies, ERGs, industry-wide initiatives, and company-wide training programs under community of SEVEN.


  • Access the collective expertise of the community of SEVEN networks in an instant by browsing and contributing to discussion threads

  • Grow your professional contacts and knowledge through one-on-one speed networking 

  • Keep track of and manage new connections for easy follow-up.


Why should companies sponsor a community of SEVEN members? 

In the past, executive coaching and training have been limited to an elite few at Fortune 500 companies. According to the Harvard Business Review, executive coaches can cost anywhere from $200 to $3500 per hour. As for longer engagements, a six-month coaching program can range from $20,000 to $30,000, while executive conferences and training spanning 2-3 days can carry price tags between $5,000-$15,000 before T&E. 

Training and development have been proven to: 

  • Increase job satisfaction and morale among employees

  • Enhance career engagement and motivation, which leads to higher retention rates

  • Increase innovation in strategies and products

  • Enhance company reputation by demonstrating tangible support for diversity initiatives

How much does community of SEVEN costs?

One year of Supporter Membership is $99 (does not include private Core Community Membership Benefit)

One year of Core Membership (includes all benefits) $2,000 (We are at capacity and no longer taking applications)


In addition to community of SEVEN membership, our team does onsite training both virtual and in-person for Fortune 500 companies. The community of SEVEN helps organizations train their team at scale. We help your team realize its hidden potential through custom, onsite, in-person, and online training. The community of SEVEN taps into the power of community to elevate leaders of tomorrow. We bring visibility to the invisible through our proprietary training development: microlearning, programming, and coaching circles by training at scale, creating the next generation of leaders, and helping companies close the equality gap. Our micro-learning opportunities include training and development focused on personal development like purpose-driven leadership, motivating teams, leading with emotional intelligence, and expanding your influence, to name a few. 

For corporate packages or questions on training, please contact regina at

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