Business Meeting


Deeper Connections

Our micro-learning opportunities include training and development focused to train leaders for the 21st Century, topics include purpose-driven leadership, how to build self-awareness, motivating teams, leading with emotional intelligence, leading during change and crisis, communication skills, motivation & engagement, leading with vision, building effective teams, strategy & strategic thinking, working with uncertainty and ambiguity, mentoring, developing internal talent, succession planning and expanding your influence to name a few. 


Our mobile-first digital community and training put the entire community of SEVEN membership at your fingertips. In 2021, we will be launching virtual roundtables, workshops, mentoring, and community one-on-ones.



  • Access the collective expertise of the community of SEVEN network in an instant by browsing and contributing to discussion threads. Curated one-on-one connections and chats.

  • Gain insight on how to tackle your latest challenges and opportunities by joining industry and position-specific groups