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Never in my life have I seen the New York subways so clean.

Never in my life have I seen the New York subways so clean.

Before the lockdown, I was in Union Square and noticed the faint smell of bleach in the tunnel. Usually, that scent was the reeking smell of urine. Let's hope we maintain this cleanliness. And people, please, wash your hands!

And as we eventually go back to normal, let us not believe it when they say that it is not possible to keep NYC clean; That it is not possible to WFH and still be productive.

I also hope that after the 7pm cheering fades aways, that we as a society realize the importance of our nurses, doctors, frontline responders, and blue-collar workers -- they are the true essential workers.

I also hope that the culture of chasing celebrities and capitalism at all costs gets questioned. Companies that are infused with purpose and compassion are going to be the ones that survive. Friedman's shareholder theory at all cost is what got us here today.

Also, if one positive thing comes from Covid-19, it is that we are strong, adaptable, and can move mountains when we come together.

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